The SirChillicious Project



It was in August 2012 that I’ve decided to take things into my own hand and reveal some of the hidden gems of music.

Scrolling through my SoundCloud feed every night after school I was gobsmacked by the sheer amount of brilliant new music that was waiting to be discovered. Despite that, I saw that many small bands and producers never were. What started as another side project, that I thought might die after a couple of months, turned into a story that is lasting for nearly a decade now.


Between 2009 and 2012 a new form of music discovery platforms emerged – in the shape of YouTube channels, dedicated to certain vibes.

With brands like UKF, Liquicity, MrSuicideSheep and Majestic Casual, a whole wave of music promotion channels popped up on YouTube left, right and center. When I was brainstorming about how I could promote the music I was discovering, I decided to hop on board and start my own channel on YouTube. The recipe is simple: if there isn’t a music video available for the song to be promoted, you pick a candid photo and pair it with the vibe of the track. Boom – double promotion, for the musician and the photographer.

One thing most channels had in common: a certain direction or genre they were dedicated to. What I knew was that I wanted to create a space for the more chill side of music, but I was never able to focus on a single genre only. I am generally promoting anything that is lush enough to listen to casually, not being bound to a single genre though.

Things I’ve learned along the way

One of the greatest things about this project is that it showed me that “anything” is possible if you are dedicated enough. I had absolutely no experience and didn’t even know anyone in the music industry when I started. Today, many of my friends are people I met directly, or indirectly, through this project and I’m honored to be a small part of the scene.

Miscellaneous project facts

  • 30.000+ subscribers on YouTube since mid 2016
  • Top 5 geographies: USA, Germany, UK, France, Canada
  • I am reviewing up to 10.000 songs a year for a potential feature

Tune in and check out the latest uploads

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Partner labels & brands I work and worked with

I collaborate with some of the finest & most innovative labels and agencies in the scene to push a steady flow of new releases. In the meantime many of them are considered as family.

“It's rare to find such passion and enthusiasm in the music industry in today's market. Christoph has been nothing short of amazing in supporting artists and their music and it has been a pleasure working with him and our releases.“

Oliver Edgecombe Co-Founder of Pegdoll Recordings

“He has been pivotal in pushing cutting edge underground music and has greatly helped raise Slime's profile across Europe and beyond. We always consider him a primary component of our promotional schedules and previous partnerships for premieres have greatly raised awareness of our artists' music. There are few platforms that care as deeply about promoting new music as much as his.“

Andy Dennis Founder of Slime Recordings

“We've been working with him since 2013 and the experience has always been passionate, professional and driven by the love of music. The project's steady growth has been the result of relentless cyber-crate-digging and a continuous sense of style; something we admire. If our label releases something chill, he is sure to be the first place for us to promote it.“

Aryan Ashoori Founder of Outtallectuals

“I wouldn't even exist on YouTube if it wasn't for Christoph. When I asked him for suggestions as to which labels I should send my EP to, he invited me to a group chat with some A&R people. Only one I know who'd do something like that is him.“

William French Music Producer

“Christoph has always been a great support to me as a producer. Not only he granted me promotion, but also made me link up with some amazing people who then grew up to be close to a new family. He made me believe in the human perspective of the internet era again.“

eXcess Music Producer

“Christoph has worked hard to expose our music to a multitude of dedicated fans, helping us to grow organically over time. He is a staple in our promotional efforts.“

Jon Maynard Founder of City By Night Records

“Christoph has done me no end of favors from promoting my music to giving me feedback on tracks; very good ears for quality.“

Mexpha Music Producer

“Christoph's project has been one of our favorite sources for finding new music. Having our own music featured has been perfect for getting our tunes to the right audience.“

Vybloom Music Duo

“Christoph has greatly aided my musical career with his undying appreciation and exposure of my works. I have to thank him for a great handful of fans and listeners alike!“

Qelaion logo
Qelaion Music Producer

“My go to destination for when I'm feeling lazy and just want to enjoy the more chilled sounds life has to offer.“

Kyle Marno Founder of Soundspace